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Step-an it Up

Hey, guys!

Welcome to the newest episode of Den Talk!

This week we talk about the Hiring of Rick Tocchet and Steve Patterson and the press conference. We also answer lots of questions in our new mailbag segment!

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Relevant Links Mentioned in the podcast:

Welcome to the New Coyotes 2.0

New Coach, New Style: Assessing Rick Tocchet’s Coyotes Blueprint

Where Are They Now: Players still in the NHL

Where Are They Now? Players who are playing overseas

Where Are They Now? The retired and non-contracted players of the 2012 team

Where Are They Now? A look back at the 2012 Western Conference Final roster

On John Chayka, hockey media and the myth of "hockey men"


Welcome To The New Administration

Hello, Coyotes fans, Sarah here.

Welcome to a Brand New Den Talk, in name and meaning!

Welcome to Five For Howling's Den Talk. That's right, we're officially official with SB Nation's Five For Howling.

Why? Sarah is the new Managing Editor of the site!

This episode, we recap the whole season and answer some questions.

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FFH Presents: Bad Luck and Jeff Marek (our Panic! At the Disco cover band name)

This week Sarah has a pretty great chat with Jeff Marek of SportsNet and Marek Vs Wyshynski podcast fame! We talk about the Coyotes and hockey in Arizona.

We also talk about the last few weeks of 'oh my Gord what the hell' has been going on with the Coyotes injury wise.

Here's the Dan Rosen piece Marek mentioned.

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Til next week! Let's go Yotes!


Season Two: Adam Wylde and the New Beginnings

And we're back!

This week is the beginning od the new season of AZ Den Talk! We start with Adam Wylde of the Steve Dangle Podcast!

We talk about the New Arena, The Coyotes, Being a Fan, And everything in between.

I do want to bring to your attention some information on Craig Cunningham, the Roadrunners Captain. On Saturday, November 19th, he collapsed before puck drop in Tucson and is currently in Critical but Stable Condition. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

Linked below are some Articles you should read.

Manitoba Moose Players shaken by Roadrunner's Captain Collapsing on Ice.

Bob McKenzie writes about Craig Cunningham.

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See you guys next week!


We’ll Be Right Back

Sorry it's been so long, guys. Medical and personal things have happened in the last two months.

Liz gives an update about what's been going on.

If things go as planned we will have a nice long episode up on Sunday November 13th.

Summer of Women Who Love Hockey- Robyn Flynn

This week we have a quick conversation with Robyn Flynn of TSN 690 in Montreal and Habs Eyes On The Prize! We talk Habs and Les Canadiennes. Note: We recorded this on Sunday evening, well before the Nachi Fujimoto trade.

You can find Robyn writing at Habs Eyes On The Prize and on twitter at: @robynlisaflynn.

We'll have a new full-length episode later!

A Conversation with Greg Wyshynski

Today we have a very special guest in Greg Wyshynski from Puck Daddy, Puck Soup, and Marek Vs Wyshynski Podcast! We talked about the Coyotes, The World Cup, and Chayka being a pretty awesome GM. 

We were so happy to have Greg give us an hour of his time today! If you have any questions you know where to find us!

Summer Of Women Who Love Hockey - Hannah Bevis

This week we speak to the editor of the brand new SB Nation Women's hockey site, Hannah Bevis! You can find her on twitter at @Hannah_Bevis1. She is a good friend from the Along The Boards days and we talk, Coyotes, CWHL, NWHL, Timbits, Olympics, ASU Women's hockey and much more!

If you're interested in writing about the CIS women teams please email Hannah at

Ari Segal Interview-

Bloggers Tribune Piece-

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Summer of Women Who Love Hockey- Jen Scrivens

Please Read!

This week we welcome Jen Scrivens, former NWHL PR Director and Goaltender for the New York Riveters. We talk about everything from how she got started in Hockey to her next adventure in Belarus with her husband. Sit back and relax and enjoy this episode!  

TRIGGER WARNING: Talk about Olympics forced Outing Daily Beast Article is in this podcast towards the Middle of the podcast when we start to talk about the Olympics

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Summer Of Women Who Love Hockey - Sasky Stewart

This week we had the AMAZING Sasky Stewart (@saskystewart) on the podcast! She is the Director of Comms and Media for the CWHL, been around hockey for a super long time and is just an enjoyable Aussie! We talk about everything really, its just a nice long chat.

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We have a SUPER exciting guest coming on next week. Listen to the end to see who it is! :D