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Summer Of Women Who Love Hockey - Carolyn Wilke

This week's edition of Women Who Love Hockey is Carolyn Wilke from Today's Slapshot and We talked about the Stars, The Coyotes, Why Goligoski is a good signing and why OEL is awesome.

You can follow Carolyn on twitter at @Classlicity!

Stay tuned for the next few episodes, it's going to be awesome!

Summer Of Women Who Love Hockey - Jen Neale

This week we have an extra long episode because Sarah and special guest Jen Neale forgot to stop talking after we ended the podcast. 

Liz's computer was the one being cranky and left out after the OMG of the Sean Leahy eye story (Thank Jeff Marek for that one).

We talked about everything from the NHL to the CWHL to the NWHL to random stories, being a women in sports media and everything in between. A few names may have been dropped along the way as well. 

You can follow Jen Neale at @MsJenNeal_PD on twitter or read her amazing writing at Yahoo's Puck Daddy.

As Always follow us on twitter @AZDenTalk! Sarah's personal twitter at @sarahhowling and Liz at @cinderbella.

See you next week with our next Woman who loves hockey!

Summer of Women Who Love Hockey - Achariya

Welcome to the Summer of Women who love hockey! This starts a new series during the boring summer months without hockey.

Today we have Achariya from Pension Plan Puppets (find her on twitter: @tanyarezak). We talk Leafy things, Lightning things and southern hockey market things.  We also talk about men podcasters and their affinity of talking about their junk and how it would sound if we did it as women, fair warning actual Biological terms are used.

After she signs off Sarah and Liz rant about the P.K. Subban trade and the Taylor Hall trade. #theydeservedbetter

We have an exciting guest coming on next week and I hope you all enjoy it!


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We LIVE (This off-season tho…)


Sorry about the long break guys. SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED!

Take a listen to the brand new AZ Den Talk Podcast to find out what we've been up to and what happened with the Coyotes since the draft lottery!

Link to Taylor's Patrick Kudla Piece:

Let us know what guests you would like to hear!

Excited to be back guys!

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The Ten Lotto Commandments

This week we talk about the draft lottery with Ari Yanover of Flames Nation (and like 5 other blogs). You can find her at @thirtyfourseven on twitter!

We talk Coyotes, Flames and random things! ... And Hamilton. 

Please send us feed back at!

Shoutout to our Russian Listener! 

Coming soon! A SURVEY!

When Sh*t Got Real

WARNING: We talk Andrew Shaw Situation, a passing mention of Patrick Kane and general talk about homophobia.

Our good friend Sheila (@TheWriteSheila) came on to talk about what happened with Shaw and other things. It's a pretty serious episode. Please email or tweet us if you want to add something to the conversation... that is useful and not adding to the problem.

@AZDenTalk on Twitter


Misogyny is not cool. Misgendering is not cool. Homophobia is not cool. 

Everything and Nothing

We have the wonderful Robert Zeglinski (@robertzeglinski) from Second City Hockey to talk about the Andrew Shaw situation and a general rambling of things.

We will have a SECOND podcast up this week! Come back Thursday for another edition where we get super serious about Andrew Shaw.

WARNING: We talk about The Andrew Shaw Situation. If you need to skip this episode, feel free.

That Hanzal, So H- … Ejected Right Now

Sarah and Liz recap the last 6 games. Wins, Losses and Sarah is super pissed off at Flyers and their fans. And the Officials.

It was a good two weeks for the Yotes, 6-3-1 in the last ten. Seven Games left.

Tin Hat Conspiracy Hour

This week Sarah and Liz talk about the last two weeks.

We talk Treutle, Domi Suspension, Tinordi suspension, Wins, Losses and Mike Smith's return. the TAIF-LIF 2-3 video. Anton Karlsson is the photo.

To the Hello Nurse episode of Steve Dangle's Podcast.

Blame It On The Immune System

Sarah has taken ill (again) and Liz provides an update.

Once the antibiotic has kicked in we will record on Sunday to talk about the last 2 weeks. Max Domi's suspension, Jarred Tinordi's suspension and tin hat club conspiracies and OEL's shoulder injury.